Taste the Future Art Collection

London The Gallery of the German Embassy
26th September – November 2017
34 Belgrave Square, London SW1, United Kingdom

Lili & Jesko are part of the „Taste the Future Art Collection“ which has its third exhibition out of Venice at the Gallery of the German Embassy in London.

Taste the Future has already been exhibited in Venice, Miami and Paris. The exhibition features works by 29 international artists from 15 countries who first met while participating in the exhibition “Personal Structures” during the 56th Venice Biennale, 2015. The artists were asked to make a unique artwork with just one condition: it should fit in a „pizza box“

Lili & Jesko are part of the „Taste Future Art Collection“ with two objects: „Cabinet of Hope“ and „Cabinet of Mourning“. To express their deep sorrow and mourning over the loss of their beloved portrait „Burmese Boy Indein Market“ – the smallest of twelve paintings – which was stolen from their expansive installation in Room #5 at Palazzo Bembo at the very start of the 56th Venice Biennale. They created a four piece dedication: a „Mourning Display“, a „Moments of Mourning“ video and, in a pizza box, they made the „Cabinet of Mourning“ and „Cabinet of Hope“.